Our Values


Clinical trial, real-world, and multi-omics study, design, consultation, modeling, analysis, report, high impact publications and awarded grants


Knowledgeable and highly-effective team work on data science and standardized analytic pipelines to successfully execute high quality research studies


Develop and implement novel methodologiesin cutting-edge research such as adaptive clinical trial design, predictive and AI modeling, and omics data


Strong relationships with oncology sites and scientists across PMH, UHN, Canada and globally.  Educating/supervising new trainees and students 

Education & Mentoring

We deliver knowledge pertaining to research design, statistical and machine learning methodology, clinical and translational data analysis modeling to investigators, medical students, clinical residents and fellows at PMH

About 10 lectures each year, including:

  • Biostatistics 101

  • Research Design

  • Multivariable regression 

  • Statistical errors

  • Survival analysis

  • Effective use of table and graphs

  • Statistical planning (sample size calculations)

UHN Princess Margaret Hospital